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Established in 2005, Ever Glory International Freight Co., Ltd. is a Class I Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. approved by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China. It has the qualification of non-vessel shipping business operation of the Ministry of Communications.The company's main business scope includes: non-vessel shipping business, international shipping / air freight forwarding, import and export declarations, inland transportation, bonded warehouses, cargo insurance agents, logistics project solutions.

International Logistics Service

Import/Export Declaration
Warehousing, Insurance

Advantage Line

Central America: MSK,ZIM,CMA
Europe, Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea: CMA,EMC,MSK
South Africa: ZIM

SeaLand Supply Chain - FBA

FBA and airlift services in domestic E-commerce business. Parcel direct delivery services
Dedicated overseas warehousing and distribution services for Chinese exporters and overseas businesses

Value-added Services

Order matching, Export agent
Trade finacing, Credit Evaluation.


9TH Floor Jiali Mansion, No.39-5 Xingning Road, Ningbo, China
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